November 2019

Always a tricky month, what with Examinations, Programme Committee Meetings, curriculum development planning, Examination Board Meetings, and to top it off, Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) preparation and presentation as well as PGR9 Presentation.

While the TLC presentation is not related to the PhD, it did take some time away from it as I attended joint presentation meetings and helped to develop the showcase. What was always pressing, was the PGR9 presentation which was scheduled for the 27th November.

I had had a couple of meetings with my supervisor, and felt the need to go through the general layout of the presentation, despite his reassurance that could “do it off the cuff”. I also arranged to do a mock with a couple of colleagues who were unfamiliar with the topic and methodology. Their generous time and suggestions gave me some feedback on what to emphasis; consideration of definitions that would not be familiar to some of the audience; what needed to be linked better; where to spend more/ less time. Made going into the PGR9 presentation a couple of days later that much less painful…

I won’t lie, I was a bit nervous going into the presentation. I was not nervous about standing in front of others, or the flow of the presentation, it is just the unknown of who will be there and what questions will be asked (and therefore my responses). As it happened, there was a great turnout, as it seemed that the room was full. Again, I did not feel intimidated by this, as there were many there that were in support and genuine interest in what I was going to do my PhD on. The questions that followed were well convened to be more a discussion- with some great considerations as I move forward on this project. It was unfortunate that one of the reviewers needed to leave early, and therefore had to use some of the presentation question time to get through some of the “process” of the PGR9, rather than during the 30min meeting afterwards. This meant that I did not get to hear from others that had come along, though was enlightening to others to hear a different perspective as the reviewer was not from the Faculty.

Overall, some great feedback both during and after the PGR9, which I will consider over the next month- with the aim to submit for the January post-graduate meeting.

Once the presentation was over, I could physically feel a weight off the shoulders. The feedback was generally positive at the meeting, though I will await the reviewer reports to respond to.

The remainder of November was used to develop an abstract for the Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning (SoTEL) Symposium to be held early 2020 (related to my PGR9 presentation); as well as prepare and record a quick video (apologies for low quality) for the Mobile Learning Special Interest Group of ASCILITE which is to be held early December 2019.

I go into December a little more optimistic; feeling on track at the moment, though keen to wrap up the year with a sense of organisation of what is to come for 2020.

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