Using Seekbeak within the Classroom #MESH360

Ok, so I’ve captured a snap of an environment with a 360 camera… …now what?

This was the leading question as I tried to see how I could use a captured environment of a hockey turf for teaching. This was aimed to develop understanding of complexity of concussion to a group of third year physiotherapy students. The capture itself required some consideration to start with- permission from the grounds “owners”; time of day for adequate light; and capture with “clean” environment- players not facing camera/ too far away to identify.

I was able to use Adobe PhotoShop to add in some elements after. While this would have been better to capture with the elements already in place at the time of the 360 snap- at this point I had not completed Storyboarding my scenario. Uploaded to Seekbeak, I was able to use then add in the appropriate Hotspots. The aim was to help students identify with environment of a concussion on a hockey turf. They needed to look around, and “seek” for the information that would be pertinent to their assessment and ongoing management. This included links to assessment forms; concussion card resources and information about the current status of the patient ( They needed to filter out information that was not required for that point in time; and priorities the information that was important to establish an adequate handover to a paramedic and/ or medical doctor.

As I had familiarised myself with the created environment as I had developed it, I needed to be mindful that this mode of delivery was still novel to the students. Some found it difficult to find the “invisible” hotspots; others seemed disjointed in how they approached the scenario. While took some time to steer on the right track again- I am not too concerned at this approach- isn’t that how it is in reality- information provided to you left, right and centre- requiring filtering and prioritising…?

I will change my tac next time. While will still use the environment, will give them a better outline of :

  • What is in the snap,
  • That is ok to “explore” as long as can reposition that information in a succinct, prioritised, and clinically reasoned manner,
  • Remind them that this simulates reality- organising chaos to adapt the assessment and/ or treatment, and
  • What are the overall expectations/ end outcome

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