360 around the clinic room

Recently, I was privy to seeing what the Paramedic team have produced (https://seekbeak.com/v/2lVjKrZzBby) in terms of developing a 360 degree environment that then has “Hot Spots” added to link viewers to related material. Added with the loan of an LG 360 camera (https://tinyurl.com/pbtech-LG360), I was inspired to create something myself. This is what I came up with (https://seekbeak.com/v/GYbjNxLE1A7). The idea is to provide students an introduction of a clinical environment. Within that space, they explore by viewing prompting questions, linking to videos, course documents and lectures, reflection log, and case scenarios.

The potential from here is to have role-play for sections of the environment, with the student required to gather information from the available resources in the simulated environment before entering the next. For example, picture a hockey field where the PHYSIOTHERAPIST is the first to the scene of a player who was knocked in the mouth by a wayward hockey ball and has a suspected concussion. The student would need to assess the patient, witnesses, may be deal with conflict of the coach who want the player to be quickly patched up and continue playing. After being guided through some videos, quizzes and other resources, the physio recommends for the patient to be taken to the hospital via PARAMEDIC. Enter new scene where there is handover of appropriate information at the sideline. The physio gets to “see” the 360 environment of the ambulance, as the paramedicine student continues with assessment, may be deal with an en-route seizure, before handing over to the NURSE.

While the initial set up of Seekbeak (www.seakbeak.com) took some getting use to (and knowing to pass on the public link for the created environment rather than the working link…), if the linked resources are already available, is relatively easy to use.

Thinking cap on for the next teaching/ interprofessional environment…


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