Evernote- one stop shop?

I have been using Evernote for a number of years now, though have not been conscious of how I use it. Here’s my reflection on what has worked for me:

  1. Get Premium. While the free account gets you going, I enjoy the fact that I can access the notes from a variety of devices- including offline and has a more powerful search facility (including searching pdfs and handwritten notes)
  2. Organise folders the same as email. I have used the GTD strategy of organising folders in my email. By replicating this in Evernote, I automatically organise appropriate documents into the right folder. Always problematic when you think that a key phase is best at the time, though makes no sense later on- better have the two systems using same “key words”
  3. Tag- if it works for you. Certainly helps for grouping. Personally, I find tagging more labour intensive as the built-in search tool and use of the folders above does me fine.  Others I know who use Evernote swear by the tagging…
  4. Know your Evernote email. This can be found by looking in your Account Info
  5. Know some shortcuts. When sending emails, know that:
    1. The beginning of the subject line will be the title of your note
    2. To pop your email straight into a known notebook, include “@” immediately followed by the appropriate notebook in the Subject field.
    3. Into tagging? Add “#” immediately followed by an existing tag in the Subject field
    4. Need a reminder? Include an exclamation point- e.g. Email Subject: Portfolio Meeting !2017/04/12
    5. Need all of the above? Then the order is Email Subject: [Title of Note] ![Reminder Date] @[Folder] #[Tag]
  6. Want to quickly present your info? The presentation tool is a quick and easy way to present what is in an Evernote note. Once in presentation mode, look to the far right where you can change the “Presentation Settings”, adding horizontal lines to your note to create the likes of slides…
  7. Install browser add-ins. Most browsers have add-ins that you can download to make clipping notes to Evernote a piece of cake!
  8. iOS IFTTT applets. The “if [this occurs] then do this” applets for iPhone and iPad are also handy. This might include converting your Reminders to a note, saving Instagram photos or Tweets to Evernote, quickly appending to a to-do (or shopping) note, or copying new Evernote to Onenote



360 around the clinic room

Recently, I was privy to seeing what the Paramedic team have produced (https://seekbeak.com/v/2lVjKrZzBby) in terms of developing a 360 degree environment that then has “Hot Spots” added to link viewers to related material. Added with the loan of an LG 360 camera (https://tinyurl.com/pbtech-LG360), I was inspired to create something myself. This is what I came up with (https://seekbeak.com/v/GYbjNxLE1A7). The idea is to provide students an introduction of a clinical environment. Within that space, they explore by viewing prompting questions, linking to videos, course documents and lectures, reflection log, and case scenarios.

The potential from here is to have role-play for sections of the environment, with the student required to gather information from the available resources in the simulated environment before entering the next. For example, picture a hockey field where the PHYSIOTHERAPIST is the first to the scene of a player who was knocked in the mouth by a wayward hockey ball and has a suspected concussion. The student would need to assess the patient, witnesses, may be deal with conflict of the coach who want the player to be quickly patched up and continue playing. After being guided through some videos, quizzes and other resources, the physio recommends for the patient to be taken to the hospital via PARAMEDIC. Enter new scene where there is handover of appropriate information at the sideline. The physio gets to “see” the 360 environment of the ambulance, as the paramedicine student continues with assessment, may be deal with an en-route seizure, before handing over to the NURSE.

While the initial set up of Seekbeak (www.seakbeak.com) took some getting use to (and knowing to pass on the public link for the created environment rather than the working link…), if the linked resources are already available, is relatively easy to use.

Thinking cap on for the next teaching/ interprofessional environment…

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