Geotagging around the world

This week’s  task included positioning a personal point of interest onto a collaborative Google Map. An easier exercise for me, as was somewhat familiar with the idea about layers and positioning the “pin” as used Maps to let people know where we were when overseas last year. Can see potential in the use of this when it comes to curriculum:

  1. Clinical placements- have an interactive map of available placements so that students could see what the placement caters for; what to consider in terms of transport; flatting; best coffee shop (you, know- the important stuff)
  2. Alumni- may be another layer to the above where past students could indicate where they were for clinical and where they are now. Could be an interesting research project to see if there is any correlation…
  3. Personally- a protected map of where have reviewed international curriculums with imbedded documents for comparisons

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